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What is Being an SSBBW?

SSBBW translates to Super Size Big Beautiful Woman.

BBW is often heard in mainstream media and on social media; however, SSBBW is still relatively a new term. BBW covers those who are on the more curvy side and under 350lbs, where as SSBBW's are 350lbs plus.

The labels BBW and SSBBW are exclusive to women and, personally, not my style as it leaves out men and transgender people that are also in the plus size community. It also puts too much focus on weight and shape of women. For example, 350lbs looks a lot different from a person who is 6' tall versus 5'2. Vlogs, blogs, websites, and social media influencers are all working on shaping the Plus Size Community to be inclusive and more main stream. It is not where it should be, but it is getting there. Until then I use the terms that are relatable.

Being an SSBBW myself, I wanted to share my journey as I navigate through the plus size community and deal with self acceptance, dating, sex, fashion, fat shaming, and more. My goal is to share my (dare I say) wisdom, and give a voice to us larger sizes as we share our triumphs, joys, obstacles, and struggles.