BAS Meets with Bold Magazine

This past Halloween I was at the Living Large Chicago's BOOty Bash working hard (ok maybe not working hard but definitely drinking hard) and I  see this tall, dark, and handsome man, surrounded by amazingly gorgeous women and looking pretty important. I asked my friend:

"Who is that?"
"Oh, Chris from Bold"
"The writer dude?"
"That would be the one"

I was intrigued. I had recently read several of his articles after he published an article on Living Large Chicago. I was immediately drawn to his writing being the quintessential book nerd that I am. First impression of Bold: this was something pretty remarkable! He was creating a platform for people to hear about all things related to being plus size women living in a world that seeks to diminish our presence. His writing was genius level, passionate, moving, and informative and I was excited that LLC was featured on this platform and was looking forward to reading more about this plus positive magazine.

Second impression: Dubious. Who the hell is this guy and why is he creating this platform? Obliviously there are nefarious intentions involved and I want no part of them. Chris held two panels at bash (one on dating and fetish, the other about discrimination in the workplace) as well as hosting a men's hour. I had not bothered to leave my room to listen to him talk. I didn't know him and although I did want to learn more about his magazine (after all I was intrigued) , what is this man going to tell me about being plus size that I don't already know? I figured he was just some slick, fast talking New Yorker and I wasn't inclined to leave my bed and friends to find out anything to the contrary.

Me as Elizabeth Taylor at LLC "Boo"ty Bash

Fast forward to the last night of the bash. The party was close to being over when I looked behind me and who is sitting there wearing a joker costume? That's right, Mr. New York. Being that the night was almost over, and having had a few drinks (no filter)  I thought I would approach and ask him to take a selfie with me (What? I like documenting my party experiences). I thought, "Why not question him on who and what he is all about. No way can an east coaster could put one over on this Chi-town girl." I was determined to find out what was really up with him and his magazine. So, I invited him out to the patio where I would be joining my friends.

After just a few minutes of speaking I realized that, first impressions were correct. Second impressions, not one bit. (Let this be a lesson about judging) The passion I read in his writing was there when he spoke, and it was hard not to get excited about the movement he was creating. I was drawn into his ideas and began sharing my own, telling him about BAS and what I was hoping to do in the plus community. Since our first meeting, I have learned so much more about Chris and Bold Media Inc.

Dr. Christopher Salute holds a Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology. He is the CEO of Bold Media Inc., an umbrella company for Bold Magazine, Aider Solutions, Large Women from the Internet, Fluffy Divas and Bold Talent. He is also currently the Assistant Dean of the College of Communication at Long Island University and, at the time of his hire, the youngest person ever to have held an assistant deanship. Although it would be easy to focus on all his professional and educational accomplishments, what draws me to Chris and Bold is the authenticity and vulnerability he brings to each piece his writes and venture he starts. .

There are many online blogs and magazines that speaks to the plus universe. What sets Bold apart from the pack is the sheer determination to bring plus women into the main stream and into the social consciousness of our country and the world. Bold seeks to provide not just a platform to showcase the beauty and accomplishments of plus women, but also to spark debate about issues plaguing plus women in every facet including but not limited to dating, networking, tv, film, sex, relationships, health, etc. Bold searches for the top people in all of these fields to tackle the real issues that plus women have to navigate every day.

Although Chris leads this train, he couldn't possibly do it without his incredible staff. Alyssa Roensch is the Director of Operations, Aby Deal is head of Social Media Marketing, and Emily Kay is the Office Manager and Event Coordinator. That is just to name a few. These ladies are power houses in our community: true leaders who are smart, driven, kind and compassionate. The kind of company you keep says a lot about a person and, so far, Bold is going in the right direction.


Chris with COO, Alyysa Roensch
Chris with COO, Alyysa Roensch
Aby Deal and Chris pose for photo, rocking the purple.
Aby Deal and Chris pose for photo, rocking the purple.
SnapChat Filter Fun with Emily Kay
SnapChat Filter Fun with Emily Kay

Chris recently just launched a new website called When he first told me about it, I had to laugh. What a name for a site! (If you want to know the story behind that, please make sure to check out my interview with Chris on YouTube, it comes complete with a pretty hilarious back story). On this site, he opens up to his readers on a much more personal level. The article, "How I Was a Complete Asshole and What I Did to Fix It" went viral, as he spoke about his struggles with his own self-acceptance, how that bled over to his relationships, and his failures in recognizing the needs of his partners. It is a fascinating read and I highly recommend checking it out along with his newest article, "Discussing Transparency and Communication". It is that willingness to be vulnerable to the public by sharing his own short comings and accomplishments that allows the readers to connect to his mission and pushes them toward self-introspection.

Bold is not just online. They host events and have a pretty spectacular one scheduled for February 1-3, 2019 , "Love Yourself- A Plus Positive Networking Weekend" is all about bringing plus women together, building connections, and empowerment. Although the amount of amazing speakers, leaders, and performers presented at this event are WAY too many to list here, I will drop a few names: plus size health and fitness guru, Sarah Sapora; Jen Ponton from AMC's Dietland; Renee Cafaro of Slink Magazine; and Janelle Mayer of Elara Luna Boutique. Follow this LINK to get all the information on this event. It will be held in the heart of Times Square, New York at the Marquis Marriott. Not only will they have workshops and networking opportunities throughout the two-day event, Curves Inc. will be throwing a semi-formal club night as the big finale. So even if you can’t make the networking event, at least come out and party with the Bold Babes and attendees.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that the entire Bold Team will be coming to Living Large Chicago’s first ever Dallas-Fort Worth Bash in June. They have some awesome things planned for attendees of the event and this time, I plan to get out of bed and check it out.

Bold has a long way to meeting their goals for world domination. I look forward to watching their journey and have no doubts they will accomplish all they are setting out to do. Seeing as LLC and BAS are also on the path for W.D., I hope to be right there with them when they get to the mountain top. Make sure to check out all the links listed here and follow Chris and his team on social media. There is lots of good stuff and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Thank you to Chris for sitting down with me not once, but twice to do the interview now featured on my YouTube Channel. His patience with my technical difficulties was saint-like. His time is very limited and I appreciate how valuable that time is so again, thank you. .

Make sure to check out the full interview on my YouTube Channel and I hope to have him and his team come back in the future to update us on the progress of Bold Media, Inc.


Find and Follow Chris & Bold on the following sites:
"Love Yourself Networking Event" -
Instagram @boldmz
Twitter @boldmztweets


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