Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of my most asked questions, if you don't see your questions listed here please feel free to email me at

What Happened to your modeling website?

I made my website, had it ready to go, and was live for a couple of days when there was a glitch and due do to my terrible webmaster skills (I never backed anything up) I lost a lot of content. I have changed it many times since then as my vision has changed with it. If it isnt perfect I am not releasing any content. I was out a lot of money and time, but it was a great learning experience and I hope to, one day, have the website that follows my vision..

Where have you been for TWO years!?!?!

Working working working! I have been recording, working my full time job, and (as some may know) I do the social media promoting for Living Large Chicago, a BBW group here in the midwest. Couple that with helping out with my family and some minor health issues, my return was delayed. Also, I wanted to make sure my channel was upgraded for a better viewing experience for my followers.

I have sent you messages, why haven't you answered them?

As I stated in many of my videos I get a lot of messages and sometimes it is hard to get through them all. I am starting off fresh with emails and messages. If you send one, I will answer you; it may not be right away but it will be answered. Now, I do not chat as I do not have time so please don't ask. If you have questions you can send them to me via Facebook, Twitter, Feabie, Tumblr, and my email.


Now that we have those questions out of the way, I want to thank you for the support and all the messages I have received encouraging me to continue with this vlog series. Stayed tune for my weekly videos; it is going to jammed packed with tons of content. I will also have a bonus vlog once a month that will be a question and answer session, so send me your questions!

Is there a guest you would like to see featured? I am open to any of your topics or ideas.

Follow me on all social media and my website where I will have my blogs and pictures.

In the coming weeks I will be doing vlogs/ blogs on Feabie, feeder/feedee relationships, BBW bashes, fat shaming, shopping, and so much more!

Stayed tuned and share, like, and subscribe to my channel!!!